Book & Collect Your Vehicle using our online system


To ensure your vehicle is ready for you on time, please use our booking system to select your pick-up date and time.

With a busy yard and multiple vehicles being picked up throughout the day, our online system allows us to organise our day. This will help us to avoid any delays or hold-ups.

Storage fees

If the vehicle has not been collected by seven days of winning it you will start to incur storage fees of £18 per day.


If you cannot drive the vehicle you purchased away, it will need to be loaded onto your trailer. This is a service we can offer to you at an extra cost. We do not add the loading fee within the cost of the vehicle this will cost £15.

If you know your vehicle will need loading, please pay via BACS transfer or when you get here by cash or debit card.

if you are collecting a vehicle please select your day and time so we can have everything ready for you on your arrival.


    -please note-

    We have several location’s that we sell vehicles from, Manchester, Preston, Newcastle and sometimes Ireland. Check on the PDF of which location you’re vehicle is at.