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To access our extensive selection of available vehicles for purchase, kindly follow the link provided below, which will lead you to our dedicated auction page. Please note that participation in the bidding process necessitates membership on our platform. If you wish to join our membership, you can conveniently complete the sign-up procedure online or communicate with our team for further assistance.

Our inventory encompasses a comprehensive array of vehicles, ranging from compact cars to spacious vans, encompassing both categorized and uncategorized options. Each vehicle within our collection is associated with a predetermined reserve price. Should you require additional details about any specific vehicle, we encourage you to reach out to us directly via telephone.

We take pride in offering a diverse assortment of vehicles and fostering a seamless experience for potential buyers to explore and acquire their desired options.


Some of the category X, unrecorded salvage are stolen recovered with minor damage and less than 3 years old. Most Category D and X vehicles come with the V5 and some with spare keys and service history. Please call for more information on our vehicles for sale, and make an appointment to come and view our stock. If you are interested in our vehicles for sale, we will require proof of identity before purchase in order to comply with legislation.

We can deliver any purchased vehicle nationwide, as we have a current Carrier’s Licence and Operators Licence and a fleet of recovery wagons.

MBS Ltd has over 30 years’ experience in contract salvage. We are members of National Salvage Group and National Salvage Association. NSG carry out a yearly audit to ensure its’ members comply with their strict standards, and of course insist that their members deal with the salvage in accordance with current legislation.

Once an insurance company has settled the payout on their insured’s vehicle, the vehicles are cleared in accordance with ABI guidelines and categorized as A, B, C, D or X. Under these categories the vehicles are either available for sale to be repaired and put back on the road, or broken for parts with the body shell crushed.

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